The Wildacre Cabin
2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

Just a few steps from the porch, a clear mountain stream curves in front of the cabin. The cabin is nestled into a little valley surrounded by mountains, at the edge of the Chattahoochee National Forest. It's the only cabin, situated on 40 acres.

rates, rules & policies


For 2 Guests:
Week Nights:  $125/Night (Mon-Thurs)
Weekend/Holiday Nights:  $150/night (Friday-Sunday & holiday nights)
Additional guests:  $10/night per guest, age 6 & older.
Cleaning Fee: $50.
Weekly Rate: $125/night (for 7 nights or more) Frequent Visitors Rate: $125/night with no extra-guest charges. Guests qualify after 6 visits. The Frequent Visitors Rate applies to their 7th visit.
Minimum stay:  2 nights (3-night minimum on  holidays)
Payment: You may pay the full rental amount up front, but a 50% deposit is required to reserve your dates. The balance will be due a couple of weeks before your reservation date. 
Weddings & Other Events:
$1,000 fee includes a 2-night cabin reservation. Contact us for details. Maximum of 50 guests due to limited parking space.

Cabin Rules/Policies

Check in at 3:00 p.m. or after. Check out by 12:00 noon.

Fully refundable if canceled no later than 14 days prior to check-in date.

Firewood is provided for the fireplace October through March. Firewood provided for the campfire ring year around.


See All Rules/Policies below.

Wildacre Cabin Rental Agreement

The guest who makes the reservation is responsible for filling out & signing our rental agreement. The rental agreement covers our rules & policies. Please read the rental agreement to familiarize yourself with our rules & policies.

Creekside Mountain Cabins
Rental Agreement

Property: Wildacre Cabin

This Rental Agreement is a legally binding agreement made and entered into as of the Reservation Date written below by and between the undersigned Lessee (Guest) & Lessor (Owner).

Rental Fees and Deposit: On receipt of payment and this signed agreement, the reservation is secured for you. Rental fees include a $50 cleaning fee, 8% State/County Sales Tax & 5% Occupancy Tax. Payment is due on receipt of the invoice. The minimum amount due is the 50% deposit indicated on the invoice. If you prefer, you may pay the full balance. If you pay the deposit only, you will receive a second invoice by e-mail approximately two weeks before your reservation date for the balance due.
Cancellation Policy and Refunds: Any rental fees paid will be fully refundable if a cancellation is made more than 14 days before your reservation date. If you cancel during the 14-day period before your reservation date, your rental fees are nonrefundable. However, if we are able to fill your full reservation period with another booking, we’ll allow you to choose another reservation date and apply fees paid to that reservation. To protect yourself in case you feel you might have to cancel your reservation at the last minute, we suggest you purchase trip insurance. No refunds will be made due to weather, change of plans, faulty equipment or early departures.
Security Deposit: Prior to your arrival a credit card number must be furnished to us to keep on file as a security or damage deposit. This is to protect us from possible damages to our property. Charges will only be applied to your credit card if necessary and you will be notified. Guests are responsible for all damages and additional cleaning fees if necessary. If the cabin is found to be in a significantly unacceptable condition upon your departure, your credit card will be charged for extra cleaning, damage repairs, replacement of missing contents, etc. Normal wear & tear will not be considered as damage.
Check-In Procedure: Prior to your check-in date, you will receive an informational e-mail which includes the gate & cabin lockbox codes, directions and other information you’ll need during your stay. Check-in time is 3:00 P.M. and check-out time is 12:00 (noon). Our crew will arrive a few minutes after 12:00 to prepare the cabin for the next guests.
Please do not back your car over the landscape rocks onto the mulched path in front of the cabin to unload. If you are physically unable to carry your bags & supplies the approximately 20 feet to the cabin door from the parking area, please call & we will send our crew to help you unload. There are 7 steps to the front door of the cabin, but if that is difficult for you, follow the path around the side of the cabin, where there is only one step into the kitchen doorway.
Supplies: The cabin is fully furnished with linens (sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, dish towels & potholders) dishes, silverware, cookware, small appliances (coffee makers, blender, crockpot, electric skillet, mixer) and cooking utensils. A hair dryer is supplied in each bathroom, and an iron & ironing board are in the master bedroom closet.
Minimum Age Requirement: The minimum age required to rent the cabin is 21. The person who rents the cabin must stay at the cabin for the entire visit. Parents may not rent the cabin for their children without staying there with them.
Use of Towels: Please respect our property. Do not remove makeup or acne medication with a washcloth or towel. We have had to throw away many a wash cloth or towel with permanent makeup stains that could not be removed or bleached out spots from acne meds. We provide makeup remover wipes for this purpose. They are located in a drawer in the vanity of the master bath. Please do not wipe muddy feet or shoes on our towels. It’s expensive to replace them. Do not wipe up tea or coffee spills or anything else potentially staining with our dish towels. Please use paper towels to wipe up messes that are potentially staining.
Use of Quilts & Blankets: Please do not allow your children to sleep on top of the quilts/blankets instead of between the sheets. Do not use quilts or blankets on screened porch or at the campfire ring. If you need something to keep warm, use the throws in the master bedroom TV/quilt cupboard & leave them out to be washed when you leave.
Washer/Dryer: The washer & dryer are furnished for the convenience of our guests for washing clothes. Please leave the cabin laundry to our crew, unless you are running short of towels or need to replace your sheets. We follow a strict procedure for sanitizing  linens & towels.
Housekeeping: Housekeeping is not provided during your stay but can be arranged ahead of time for a fee.
Cell Phone Coverage: Some cell coverage is better than others. AT&T coverage is good; Verizon coverage is best outside the cabin.
WI-FI: Wireless Internet service is provided, and is available in the cabin, on the porch and as far away as the campfire ring. The password is given in the information letter & also posted in the cabin.
TV: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTubeTV and other networks are streamed via Firestick. You’ll find a listing of subsciptions we already have on the coffee table in the living room. Please be careful not to download a movie or show from a network we have not already subscribed to, as the subscription fee will be charged to you.
Gardens & Landscaping: There is a vegetable garden on the hill near the gate. You are welcome to enjoy any vegetables you can use during your visit. The fenced cottage garden by the cabin has an irrigation system on a timer. Please make sure the faucet is left on (all the way to the left) so that the irrigation system can operate. There is a cutting garden at the end of the vegetable garden containing zinnias & other flowers. If you would like to cut a bouquet for the cabin, please cut those flowers & not the ones in the cottage garden by the cabin. There are wildflower beds in front of the cabin. Please make sure children are careful not to pick the wildflowers or walk on the wildflower beds. Do not cut or break off limbs or branches on tress & shrubs.
Garbage & Recycling: If you are staying only a few days, please leave your garbage in the cabin containers. If your garbage cans are getting full & you wish to empty them, please put bagged garbage in the metal cans at the Egg House (shed near gate). If you are staying a week or more, we will arrange to come pick up your garbage mid-week. A basket is provided by the pantry door in the kitchen for recyclables, including bottles, cans, cardboard, paper & plastic bags. Please rinse bottles, cans & food containers before placing them in the recycling basket.
Firewood: During the months of October through March, 12 logs per day will be furnished for the cabin fireplace. This is enough for one good fire per day in the cabin fireplace, but not enough to keep a fire going all day & night. When the wood rack is empty, it will be the guests’ responsibility to buy more firewood if needed (available at local grocery stores). Firewood will also be supplied for the campfire ring. The wood for the campfire is pine or low-quality wood and must not be used in the cabin fireplace, as it will deposit dangerous creosote inside the chimney. Likewise, the seasoned firewood supplied for the fireplace in the cabin should not be used in the campfire ring.
Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in the cabin. If you smoke outside or on the porch, you must bring your own containers to dispose of cigarette ashes & butts. Do not use our pottery or other containers you find in the cabin.
Pets: No pets may be brought to the cabin, either inside or outside. We love pets, too, but have had extensive damage from pets both inside the cabin & outside, so we had to adopt our no-pet policy. If we find evidence that a guest has brought a pet to the cabin, against our policy, the guest will be fined $200 & billed for any damages.
Maximum Occupancy: No more than a total of 6 people may occupy the cabin, with the exception of an infant sleeping in a portable crib. Parties are not allowed in the cabin or on the premises without prior approval & payment of special event fees. Visitors are allowed during the day, but will be charged if they stay overnight. If more beds are used than the number of occupants stated when you reserved the cabin, you will be charged extra-guest fees.
Pistol Range: Pistols & .22 rifles only may be used at the pistol range.
Maintenance: Please report any problems immediately so that they can be resolved. Maintenance personnel may need to enter the cabin, but will do so at a reasonable hour at your convenience.
Wildlife: Wildacre is located on 40 acres in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, adjacent to the Chattahoochee National Forest. Bears, deer, coyotes, bobcats, snakes, lizards, bees, wasps, ticks, ants & ladybugs may be encountered. Please respect the wildlife, enjoy any sightings, but keep your distance. Female bears may be aggressive if they have cubs. Snakes will try to avoid you, but please caution children not to stick their hands under large rocks & do not leave young children unattended outside.
Check-Out Procedures:
1. Please leave beds unmade so that we will easily be able to see which beds were slept in. Wash used dishes/pots & pans, etc. and put away. Leave appliances & countertops in the kitchen reasonably clean.
2. Check to see that all windows & doors are locked.
3. Leave thermostat at 70 degrees.
4. If you use the gas grill, make sure the drip pan behind the doors on the grill has been emptied into the trash and washed, and the aluminum grate cover has been thrown into the trash. We do not want to attract bears to the cabin.
5. If you have moved the cabin or porch furniture, please move it back to where you found it.
6. We appreciate thoughtful parents who move breakable items out of the way of their young children, but please put the items back where you found them before you leave.
7. Please make a last-minute check for items you left behind.
8. Return cabin keys to lockbox.
9. If it is raining or rain is predicted during your stay, please put hammock & hammock pillow on screened porch.
10. Lock gate & return key to lockbox.

Governing Law: This Agreement is governed under the laws of the State of Georgia.
Lessee (Guest) and Lessor (Owner) agree to be legally bound by the above conditions of this Rental Agreement.

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Credit Card Number

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Security Code____ Exp._______

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