Enjoy the view of the creek and
mountains from the comfort of the
screened porch.

Table/chairs for dining, rockers & twig
swing for getting some mild exercise -
While you're sitting there admiring the
scenery, you might just get inspired to go
If you'e lucky, it'll
rain while you're
here, and you can
enjoy the rain from
the porch or let the
drumming of the
raindrops on the tin
roof put you to
sleep at night.
Fresh flowers picked just
for you from the cottage
garden beside the cabin -
Zinnias & lantana. In the
fall, you might have a
bouquet of colorful leaves
& wildflowers.
Twig swing made from fallen trees
on the property.

The cottage garden with arched
trellis & picket fence can be seen
just off the porch. You can admire
it while you're swinging, or walk the
garden paths & admire them up
The ultimate in dining - A view of
creek & mountains, and music to
dine by - the bubbling of the creek.

If you prefer, you can dine inside or
at one of the two picnic tables
overlooking the creek.